Agadir . Morocco

Under the African sun here in magnificent Morocco, it feels like summer will never end. And in this fairytale setting, the ROBINS — the staff here at ROBINSON CLUB AGADIR — await you with a royal combination of fun and relaxation for the perfect incentive trip.

You will behold the magic of this beautiful location from your spot on the endless sandy beach when the sun goes down over the Atlantic Ocean. Cast your eyes over the sand dunes and you will instantly see what makes this place so unique.

Enjoy the unique landscape of the region on our excursions: with the ROBINSONADEN®, you can go on a trekking tour to the High Atlas or experience the vastness of the sand dunes along the coast on camelback.

It will be an unforgettable event for you and your colleagues.

Our Highlights - AT CLUB AGADIR

  • All-inclusive "made by ROBINSON"

  • Directly at a beach of fine sand and sloping dunes

  • Many exciting locations and events

  • Event manager on site included in the price of your trip
  • business center with conference rooms
  • Wonderful selection of excursions to and around Agadir and Morocco