Graubünden . Switzerland

ROBINSON CLUB AROSA is located in the midst of one of the largest ski regions in Switzerland. 225 kilometers of snow-covered slopes are waiting to be explored by you, your employees, and colleagues. Get to know a completely different side of the people you work with in this fun and challenging environment. Who has hidden depths and talents previously unseen? Who reveals themselves as team players and as leaders? If the event is planned as an incentive for particularly important clients or business partners, it also offers the chance to deepen personal relationships in a fun way, creating a team experience that forges sustainable, long-lasting business contacts.

Our Highlights - AT CLUB Arosa

  • Full board "made by ROBINSON"

  • 1200 meters above sea level in the midst of the quaint mountain village of Klosters

  • Largest ski region in Switzerland: Arosa and Lenzerheide

  • Amazing programs, such as a log cabin evening in the mountain restaurant with a torchlight walk back to the resort