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Agadir . Morocco


Into the dreamlike world of 1001 nights! Situated directly on the long, gently sloping sandy beach, the ROBINSON AGADIR shines with its oriental architecture like a small, magnificent oasis in the middle of the dunes.

After a game of golf against the stunning backdrop of the Atlas Mountains or surfing on the vastness of the Atlantic, you can indulge in our WellFit offers. How about a visit to the oriental hammam? Afterwards, your mind will be clear for lots of new ideas. Extraordinary inspirations like a trip to the magical city of Marrakesh will round off the journey and ensure successful workshops.


Event locations Seats
Indoor theatre 350
Main restaurant 500
Beach restaurant 60
Café Maure 30
Marie Curie89yes70305030
Charles Darwin40yes25-15-
Albert Einstein150yes160609050



Chemin des Dunes, Founty 2
80000 Agadir
Agadir . Morroco



Main arrival days: Monday and Saturday
Airport: Agadir, 30 min.
Size of club property: 175.000 sqm
Number of rooms: 343 (8 categories)





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