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Kos . Greece


Floral gardens and romantic alleyways will enchant you in the cozy atmosphere of a Greek village. Our ROBINSON DAIDALOS is located on a 60-metre-high cliff on the coast of Kos. From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea.

Will you accept Poseidon's invitation and conquer the water sports area? While windsurfing and sailing, you can feel the glory of the sea with every wave. Away from the water, playing beach volleyball, tennis, soccer, group fitness or archery will make your forehead sweat. On land, you can leave the earthly behind as you relax in the WellFit Spa and feel divine.

Additional motivation is provided by attractive incentives such as an action-packed off-road tour, a boat trip to Kalymnos or a visit to the volcano of Nisyros.

Event locations Seats
Outdoor theater 400
Main restaurant indoors 672
Main restaurant outdoors 349
Beach restaurant 220
Speciality restaurant 60


85302 Antimachia
Kos, Greece


Main arrival day: Wednesday & Saturday
Airport: Kos, 10 min.
Size of the club property: 220.000 sqm
Number of rooms: 319


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